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The Pima Medical Institute of Tucson, Arizona, is based out of Arizona but has several campuses across the country. The program courses include exotic medicine, surgical nursing, animal science, diagnostic imaging, and large animal nursing. Small Animal Husbandry and Restraint – this course is offered early in the program and teaches learners the basics of housing and caring for small animals. It also teaches learners how to handle animals safely and how to treat animals like cats and dogs.

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This elite award honors her sustained history of technical achievements and business accomplishments. It recognizes her strong potential to make continuing contributions to IBM and the industry. FinTech Futures is the definitive source of news and analysis for the global fintech sector. The Banking Tech Awards are owned and produced by FinTech Futures, the definitive source of news and analysis of the global fintech sector. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation.

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes investments need to happen at the research level, not just with chipmakers. It called for upgrades from 1990s-era technology that tiles chips onto silicon wafers 150mm in diameter to equipment with 200mm wafers that are newer if not cutting edge. To win a bid on a quality engineer, companies are offering things such as flexible hours, sign-on bonuses and permanent remote work, the last of which has become a requirement for much of the workforce. Dice, a website and staffing firm that focuses on tech talent, published a report in June that found only 17% of technologists wanted to work in an office full time, while 59% wanted remote and hybrid approaches. Technology and services providers must simplify the buying and owning process.

Industries with sensitive data, such as retail, require IT managers with knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence specialists develop AI and machine learning technologies for computer programs and other machines to simulate how the human mind works. Specific job duties can vary, but may also include jobs such as machine learning engineer, business intelligence developer and AI architect. GrowthHackers is the premiere destination for people to collaborate and get inspired to build effective growth marketing programs. From this online community, you’ll learn ethical online marketing techniques that drive scalable and sustainable growth.

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Sign-up to receive our newsletters covering news, events, training and engagement opportunities across all our programmes exploring tech markets, policy and innovation. Information security analysts typically have bachelor’s degrees in computer science or related fields, as well as previous work experience in such roles as network, computer systems or database administrator. Similar to other top in-demand tech jobs, most companies require a bachelor’s degree. Software developers are engineers who build software programs, applications, networks and operating systems .

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Looking at the breakdown of openings at major tech players today, we found Workday, Salesforce and Verizon are hiring the highest percentage of non-tech workers. By contrast, Walmart eCommerce, Microsoft and Intel are hiring the lowest percentage of non-tech workers. For this analysis, we focus only on base pay for open jobs for tech employers. We use base pay because it is the most accurately-reported portion of pay for most jobs. Although it doesn’t capture bonuses or stock-related compensation, it’s a useful benchmark that allows an apples-to-apples comparison of pay for different jobs today.

Brings together the full automotive tech industry to immerse attendees in the future of automotive, by showcasing the newest tech and the latest vehicles. We gather the automotive and technology communities like no other event. The Georgia Institute of Technology is a leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology.

Longtime IBMer Fran Allen becomes the first woman to receive the prestigious Turing Award for technical contributions to the computing community. Connect with the industry’s most influential companies and people. For individuals and teams, a Banking Tech Award is a prized acknowledgement of their skills, leadership, vision, inspiration and dedication to the industry’s betterment.